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Auto Series

San-I-Pak's Auto Series  articulating chamber design has been developed in recognition of 3 major issues concerning the choice of a biohazardous waste treatment system.

The first important issue is safe handling of the waste, the second issue is equipment capital cost and the third is operational cost. Of course there are many other concerns such as efficacy and equipment longevity, so we have designed the equipment for virtually all concerns with emphasis on the first three. This equipment has evolved incorporating suggestions and operational issues from the healthcare industry, creating the finest technological entry by the most experienced infectious waste treatment system manufacturing company in the world today.

The San-I-Pak “Auto” Series sterilizers are designed utilizing multiple chambers lined up with a common load platform, conveyor, compactor (S,L,XL,C,SC) and roll-off container. The capacities, configurations and options are site specific and unlimited. The “Auto” Series sterilizers offer several means of loading the infectious waste into the chamber; this can be accomplished via cart dumpers, conveyor belts, screw augers or manually. This provides the facility the capability of having an infectious waste treatment system that virtually eliminates operator handling of infectious waste. The unit is extremely compact by design and takes up 50% to 60% less space than systems capable of doing half the volume. The chambers are designed to insure proper load density for “total kill” sterilization, unlike other systems currently available. The multiple chamber design of San-I-Pak systems provides for processing redundancy and a built-in back up. It is extremely unlikely the entire system would be inoperable. If one of the many sterilization chambers is being serviced, the other completely independent chamber can be utilized until both are operational again. The units are designed for one person operation and require the least amount of operator handling of any steam sterilization system available.

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