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Intel-i-Com System

San-I-Pak’s revolutionary new messaging system, anticipates the need for service, repairs, consumables and other performance factors by constantly analyzing equipment performance. Thereby averting un-scheduled downtime. Intel-I-Com automatically reports on employee performance, waste management efficacy, equipment performance change plus it is able to notify hauler of full container needing to be picked up. The system is remotely programmable to automatically respond to endless custom designed conditions requested by the user and may be tied into the monitoring of other hospital systems. This system could simplify waste management by automatically transmitting programmable messages to a fax or pager. This program comes with a set of default messages to notify waste hauler for container pickups, order support products, pre-failure diagnostics, as well as other performance information. Messages can be added or changed at the request of the facility. The applications for notification or communication with this system are limitless.