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Installations | See some of the many locations that have recently upgraded the infrastructure with addition of a San-I-Pak on site waste treatment system.

Recent installations

Recent installations | This video shows recent installations with our latest technology at facilities across the country.


Overview | the many reasons why a San-I-Pak on site waste treatment system makes sense, and the facilities that agreed.

News related to on site treatment

News related to on site treatment | This is a news clip from a Northern California television station on San-I-Pak's role in treating the escalating threat of types A pathogens.

Category A Waste Process

Category A Waste Process | This video demonstrates the handling of category A pathogen process from patient isolation to waste treatment and disposal.

VA informational video

VA informational video |

San-I-Pak integration with cart robots

San-I-Pak integration with cart robots | This video demonstrates the integration of a cart bot with a San-I-Pak waste system.

Trans vac integrated system

Trans vac integrated system |

USDA systems at airports

USDA systems at airports | This video shows systems in use at various international airports across the US.

Gundersen Waste Process

Gundersen Waste Process | This video outlines the waste process of Gundersen Hospital.

Waste Management solution

Waste Management solution | This video from Waste Management show their utilization of San-I-Pak systems to meet the customers needs.