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Deodorant System

Since your sterilizer is cooking various wastes at extremely high temperatures some odor maybe present during the sterilization process. The San-I-Pak system utilizes small solenoid valve plumbed into your San-I-Pak sterilizer chamber and associated plumbing connects a container of San-I-Pak deodorant (San-Air). San-I-Pak’s Deodorant System is designed to mask the odor generated by the waste during autoclaving. The deodorizing system works in the following manner. Once the vacuum has been pulled and the system has met computer-controlled requirements, the deodorizer valve is opened allowing the “San-Air” to be pulled into the chamber with the waste. Once the deodorant is pulled into the chamber the steam cycle is initiated, heating the waste and deodorant at the same time. The waste is processed for the correct time, temperature and pressure parameters before it is discharges. Processing the waste with the deodorizer system allows the deodorant to permeate the waste.