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Sharps Machine

The San-I-Pak Sharps Machine comes in two versions. One system is designed to render sterilized sharps Unreusable and the other style renders sharps unrecognizable. The units have been designed specifically for sharps materials, utilizing low speed, high torque cutting. The sophisticated electronics incorporated into the San-I-Pak Sharps Machine monitors the operation and informs the operator of the machine status.

The Unrecognizable Sharps Machine accomplishes additional size reduction by utilizing a patented, perforated rotating drum. Waste that does not fit through the sizing drum is carried back up and recycled through the reduction system. To accomplish the additional resizing, we use two vibrating waste chutes, a sizing drum, along with supporting safety and management electronics

To operate, the loading door is opened, and sterilized sharps containers are placed into the hopper. Once full, the door is closed, the “start” button depressed and all further operations are completely automatic. When warm containers are shredded, the normal feed rate is 500 lbs. per hour. If the containers are allowed to cool, this may be reduced to 150 lbs. Per hour.

After completing the process, the unit automatically shuts off and can be reloaded. The destroyed sharps will be conveyed into the San-I-Pak compactor, or simply discharged into carts for easy disposal.

Unlike other systems, the San-i-pak Sharps Machine rotates at a very slow speed. This enables extremely quiet operation as well as virtual elimination of impact fracturing when the cutters encounter a non-shreddable item. An additional benefit of the slow speed is the ability to react quickly to amperage rises and stop the equipment, reducing premature component failure.

Sophisticated programming is in place to reduce the possibility of component failure when a non-shreddable item is encountered. The introduction of such items has a direct effect on component life and should be avoided.As with any device designed to render sharps unrecognizable or unreusable, certain precautions must be taken to insure system durability. Elaborate sensing procedures serve to minimize the deterioration of the shredding system caused by items such as hardened steel bone drills, reamers, reusable scalpel handles and other specialized, extremely hard steel.

Item that are acceptable are disposable 300 series stainless steel scissors, hemostats, scalpel blades, syringes etc. These items are well suited for processing.

Electrical Requirements

480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle
7.25 Amp
30 Amp
240 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle
14.50 Amp
50 Amp
208 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle
16.75 Amp
60 Amp

(Also requires a 120 VAC, 10 Amp control voltage circuit.)

Safety Features:

  • Automatic shutdown if the loading door is opened.
  • All moving mechanical parts are completely enclosed.
  • Sensors to detect unshreddable objects.

Processed sharps samples are available upon request.

SharpsMachine Models