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San-I-Pak has invested over one and a half million dollars in shredding research and development. We have evaluated over 60 manufacturers of shredding equipment and have worked directly with over 20 manufacturers and/or technologies of reduction equipment. Our extensive efforts have lead us to believe, we offer the best shredders for medical waste available on the market today.

Post Treatment Shredding Systems

Shredding is not required by San-I-Pak as part of the sterilization process. Complete sterilization throughout the waste load is achieved with every cycle in the San-I-Pak system without shredding or breaking up the waste. For those facilities that are either required to render the waste unrecognizable or feel more comfortable disposing of this type of material, San-I-Pak designs and manufactures post-treatment shredding systems.

San-I-Pak’s shredding systems shred after the sterilization process. Shredding waste prior to treatment or breaking up waste with the system door open creates the possibility of aerosolizing the microbial life contained in the waste thus endangering the operators. All shredding systems will require maintenance, and in order to perform maintenance on a pre-treatment shredding system many safety precautions must be adhered to. It is because of these liabilities that San-I-Pak encourages post-treatment shredding systems.

San-I-Pak sterilizers require no pretreatment of the waste to be processed.

Shredder Hopper Tender

San-I-Pak has patented a Shredder Hopper Tender Non-Shreddable Clearing System that dislodges materials plugged in the hopper without the equipment operator having to risk clearing.

Sharps Machine Tray System

San-I-Pak has designed a specially constructed sharps tray system allowing for no exposure to needle sticks while handling sharps. First sharps containers are place in the tray , tray is loaded into chamber for processing, then tray is positioned in front of sharps machine and containers are loaded into sharps hopper for shredding.

For more information about shredders and shredding, visit our Shredder Information page.

One and Two Stage Shredders

San-I-Pak offers both single and dual stage shredders that can be sized and configured to meet unique Facility or State requirements.

Shredders Models