We have a team of skilled Service Technicians that can offer support over the phone at any time.  Our Service Department is open Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm and we have a Technician on-call over on weekends 6am – 9pm.  This ensures that you will always be able to get the assistance you may need with your San-I-Pak unit.


With the purchase of every new San-I-Pak, we provide one week of complimentary Factory Training at San-I-Pak’s Tracy, California facility.  Trainees tour the manufacturing plant, spend 20 hours in a classroom setting and get hands on experience working with machines in production.  The experience gained from this program enhances the technician’s understanding of the San-I-Pak system.  The knowledge gained from factory training will provide the engineer with an advanced knowledge to effectively perform scheduled maintenance.


In addition to factory training, San-I-Pak also provides on-site in-service training to all operations and maintenance staff.  This training is provided to all applicable employees, on all shifts during equipment installation.  The following topics are covered:

-        Safety

-        System/Equipment Overview

-        Loading Procedures

-        General Maintenance

-        Trouble Shooting

-        Repairs

-        Housekeeping