About San-I-Pak

Who We Are

We are a privately owned company located in Northern California.
We manufacture fully integrated high-end waste treatment equipment.

Our Mission Statement

“Safeguarding our communities through industry-leading technology that prevents the spread of disease. This same solution provides operational and environmental sustainability along with significant cost savings.”

San-I-Pak Pacific, Inc. History & Overview

In 1978, California hospitals were confronted with new state waste and air regulations, which limited waste treatment and disposal options. A group of Northern California hospitals approached a small, but highly regarded equipment engineering company, Bromac, with an idea. The concept was to technologically improve steam sterilization by enhancing microbial “kill” efficiency and eliminating the “double handling” of treated waste. The first machine dubbed “San-I-Pak” was installed at Tracy Community Hospital in 1978 and Tracy Community Hospital continues to operate a San-I-Pak System to this day.

The success of the first machines installed in California and the potential demand for such systems in other portions of the United States prompted Bromac to search for financial and technical assistance. John Hall, a successful and influential business entrepreneur, recognized San-I-Pak’s potential and supplied the necessary financial backing and technical expertise that enabled the company to move forward.

Since the first installation, San-I-Pak has continued to develop and expand with system diversification, which will accommodate any size facility. San-I-Pak continuously strives to share its decades of manufacturing experience by working directly with customers to design and manufacture the simplest and most economical equipment suitable for attaining specific infectious and general waste equipment needs. By continually meeting the needs of each facility San-I-Pak has established itself as the most recognized on-site medical waste treatment manufacturer in the industry today.

San-I-Pak is the leader in waste treatment systems and has over 500 installations throughout the North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Middle East, New Zealand and Asia. These 500 plus installations worldwide exceed the total number of on-site medical waste treatment systems installed by all other competitors combined.