Autoclave Sterilizers


About San-I-Pak’s Autoclave Sterilizer Technology

The San-I-Pak approach to design centers around safe handling, reliability and space minimization.  We offer a variety of designs from a stand alone to several fully integrated sterilizer/compactor systems.

Our design begins with existing space restrictions.  In most cases, we will design a solution that will enable your facility to manage more waste streams in less space.  We do not ask for a significant building or space to hold our system.

We are constantly improving our system components based on feedback from customers. A current system will include hydraulic cart dumpers, touch screen user interface, and a 4G LTE modem.

San-I-Pak will deliver a safe, reliable and cost efficient onsite treatment system for infectious waste.  Our system will feature the latest technology to meet the needs of the healthcare industry


  • Hands Free/ Automated/ No Touch Systems
  • No Touch Automation
  • Auto-Weighing System
  • San-I-Pak Net
  • In-House Monitoring System

Each of San-I-Pak’s Autoclave Sterilizers is a state of the art machine. Each is custom built and configured according to your specifications. Contact us today to find out more.