Auto Series


About the Auto Series

The San-I-Pak “Auto” Series sterilizers are designed utilizing multiple chambers lined up with a common load platform, conveyor, compactor (S,L,XL,C,SC) and roll-off container. The capacities, configurations and options are site specific and unlimited. This series offer several means of loading the infectious waste into the chamber; most clients use the integrated cart dumpers. The chamber simply rotates, dumping the waste onto a “slide” or conveyor, depending on the system configuration.

When considering this model, some unique features include:

  • This design creates a “touch-free” process for chamber loading.
  • The integrated compactor eliminates another handling step during the dumping of the treated waste.
  • The multiple chamber design of San-I-Pak systems provides for processing redundancy and a built-in back up.


Auto Series Video

This video provides a demonstration of our Auto Series.