San-I-Pak, Inc. has proven that a waste disposal system’s success depends on the ability to manage both general and infectious waste needs. Recognizing a facility’s needs and servicing those needs, while being adaptable enough to allow for innovation, has distinguished San-I-Pak as the worlds most successful waste handling system available. One of the unique Patented advantages of a San-I-Pak system is that it is a dual waste system, facilities can simultaneously compact general waste while sterilizing infectious waste. General waste is dumped directly from the carts into the compactor. Once the compactor “start” button is pressed, the compactor ram pushes the general waste into the roll-off container. When the roll-off container is full, it is disconnected from the compactor, loaded on the waste haulers truck, and hauled to the landfill or designated final disposal site.

Typical commercial compactor equipment offers a compaction ratio of 4:1. San-I-Pak’s high density compactors offer a 6:1 compaction ratio allowing the additional compaction of 8,000 more pounds of waste into the same 40 cubic yard roll-off container. This will reduce the number of times the hauler will have to transport your waste to the landfill per week ultimately reducing waste disposal cost. We also utilize auto faxing to notify hauler when to pickup roll-off container thus adding to the cost efficiency.

Self-Contained Compactors:

This style of compactors is attached to the waste container and they are hauled away with container.